GyroJaw Clamping Accessory Makes Clamping Odd Shapes A Bit Easier

GyroJaw Clamping Accessory Makes Clamping Odd Shapes A Bit Easier
Chris   November 09, 2011  
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Gyrojaw 2011 | Pivoting Vise Face Accessory

Many of the clamps that we own and use are designed to remain parallel during the clamping process. The parallel faces on these clamps are great in ensuring that whatever we are clamping remains secure and square; but what if we want to clamp something that is not square, maybe a round closet rod, or a tapered chair leg?

There is a new clamping accessory called the GyroJaw that makes it possible to clamp all kinds of oddly shaped items in whatever clamping device you fancy. The USA made GyroJaw is designed to act like a wedge and uses a steel stud to pivot against your clamp to align itself at the correct angle every time. Made out of a combination of nylon and fiber glass, the GyroJaw is durable yet flexible enough compress slightly under load to ensure a strong hold. The surface of the GyroJaw is cross-hatched to provide traction on smooth surfaces and there is even a channel through the center that makes clamping cylindrical items possible.

The GyroJaw is regularly priced at $15 each, but for a limited time Garrett Wade has them on sale for $11.75 each or $22.25 a pair.

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