GC-Gun Long Reach Caulking Gun

GC-Gun Long Reach Caulking Gun
Chris   April 08, 2013  
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Tired of having to pull out a ladder every time you need to caulk a ceiling? The GC2000 is much longer than your typical caulking gun and allows the user to reach up to 13-feet in the air to caulk those hard to reach places directly from the safety of the ground.

At 6-1/2-feet in length the GC2000 is long enough for your average sized person to perform the tasks that used to require a ladder, instead, directly from the ground. Not only is this better from a safety standpoint, but you also have the added convenience of being able just walk to the next location. For lower ceilings or for floor level applications, GC-Gun also offers the smaller 3-1/2-foot GC1000.

Both models feature an aluminum body that will not rust and allows for easy clean-up. Both also accept caulking from standard 10-ounce or 20-ounce tubes, and up to 34-ounce sausage-style packs. The GC1000 retails for about $100, and the GC2000 retails for about $200.