Festool Carvex Jigsaw With Time Freezing Strobe Lights Is Back

Festool Carvex Jigsaw With Time Freezing Strobe Lights Is Back
Chris   August 01, 2013  
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The new Festool Carvex 420 Jigsaw - the best jigsaw technology available

The Festool Carvex Jigsaw was first introduced to North America back in March of 2011. It had a ton of really nice features, but the feature that caught my attention was the LED strobe light that could visually freeze the movement of the jigsaw blade. Sadly, about a month after it was announced, Festool pulled the Carvex and sent out a letter stating "...Late round testing in certain applications specific to North America has demonstrated that the current design does not meet the exacting standards that we demand of ourselves, and that our customers have come to expect..."

Like I said, the stroboscopic light is not the only cool feature. The Festool Carvex is packed full of features; from tool-less interchangeable bases that are task specific, to a triple blade guidance system that promises to eliminate blade deflection on even 4-3/4-inch thick cuts.

Festool will be offering a total of four Carvex models, two that are corded and two that are cordless. You will have a choice between the traditional D-handle and the barrel grip style. All four models use brushless motors that are more efficient and are more reliable in harsher conditions, something that Festool is proud to test by running their jigsaws in an abrasive sand blowing chamber. [video below]

It took a couple of years, but Festool North America is finally giving us their Carvex jigsaw. This is not the same model as the one that was announced in 2011, but a newer model that is also available in Europe. Festool N.A. made a bold move by pulling the Carvex right after it was announced, but whatever the reason, I am sure they got it right this time. Look for the Carvex 420 Jigsaw this September.