Craftsman Tools Make Great Music

Craftsman Tools Make Great Music
Chris   May 18, 2010  
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Craftsman Music Experiment - Craftsman Labs
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Craftsman has a pretty cool YouTube channel where they showcase their tools being put though all kinds of torture and destruction. These videos are not only fun to watch, but they do a good job of demonstrating that the tools can handle a good amount of abuse.

In their latest video, Craftsman shows their artistic side by making the destruction you hear everyday into music. They teamed up with music producer Kutiman to compose all that beating, sawing, cutting, grinding, hammering, chopping, etc. into music to our ears. No musical instruments were used in the making of this video, everything you hear is a tool of some kind. My favorite instrument in the video is the water sprinkler. Check out the video after the Read More.

Craftsman YouTube Channel


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