Bosch prepares you for flashlight season

Bosch prepares you for flashlight season

Chris   September 16, 2008  
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Bosch prepares you for flashlight season


The long days of summer are over, and all that is left are darker mornings at the jobsite. This is the time of year for me, when flashlights get a real workout. It is no fun getting to the jobsite at 6am and then having to navigate the jobsite hazards using only the moonlight.

Bosch comes to the resuce with the new  Bosch FL11 12 volt Litheon Flashlight. The best part is, it runs on the same 10.8 or 12 volt Litheon system as their popular PS40 Impactor and PS20 Pocket driver. Powered by the 12 volt Litheon battery the FL11 can provide you with up 7-1/2 hours of continous runtime, and can be compleatly recharged in 30 minutes.

Even with its long lasting battery life, the FL11 is able to provide bright light thanks to a 3 bulb LED beam. Thanks to the same LED technology the FL11 has a bulb life of 10,000 hours, and can handle all types of abuse.

The Bosch FL11 Litheon High Intensity LED Flashlight is avaliable as "flashlight only" for $39.99. Bosch 12V Max batteries and chargers are available separately or with other Bosch 12V Max cordless tools.