Block Plane or Transformer?

Block Plane or Transformer?

Chris   May 07, 2010  
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The latest block plane from the guys over at Bridge City Tool Works looks like it came straight out of the movies. But what you see is not movie magic, it is the next generation in hand tools.

The CT-17 looks simply amazing, but it is more then just a pretty face. Its greatest feature is its two-in-one functionality. Not wanting to be average, Mr. CT-17 can transform between a regular block plane and a low angle block plane. It doesn't look much like a helicopter, but the CT-17's design was inspired by the efficiencies of helicopter components. If this is the result we can expect, I think we need more tools designed after aircraft. The photos don't do the tool justice, so be sure to check out the video after the break.

The CT-17 dual angle block plane is part of the Commemorative Tool series, which means it is limited edition. This also means you will pay a limited edition price of $860. If you can afford one, then you can probably afford two. So if you want to send me one, I have no objections.

[:cicn:] Bridge City Tool Works