BernzOmatic introduces recyclable fuel cylinder

BernzOmatic introduces recyclable fuel cylinder

Chris   July 25, 2008  
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I am not one to get all googly over anything that is green. Even though the website is the color green, you wont find me living in a tree, or trying to save an endangered mosquito. Even still, I do try to recycle as much as possible.

Why? Well...why not? It is not like there is any more work involved.

BernzOmatic , known for their fuel cylinders, has taken a simple step that allows its Fat Boy propane cylinders to be recycled.

BernzOmatic introduces recyclable fuel cylinder Fat Boy propane cylinders, the latest innovation from BernzOmatic, meet the environmental demands of today’s consumers. The cylinders include patent-pending Green Key ® technology, which is a simple device that, when inserted into an empty propane cylinder, releases all remaining fumes, effectively depressurizing the cylinder so it can be recycled by the consumer’s local steel recycler.

The Fat Boy also has a few other improvements, for which it gets its name. The new cylinders have 20% percent more fuel than the standard 14.1 oz. cylinders, and the cylinders are 25% shorter for greater accessibility in tight spaces.