Bench Dog Bullnose Trim Gauge

Bench Dog Bullnose Trim Gauge
Chris   January 08, 2010  
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Bench Dog Bullnose Trim Gauge

More and more these days people are moving away from square corner-bead in new construction. Instead, they are turning to a 3/4” rounded bullnose corner bead. This style adds a modern touch to the building, but at the same time has the feel of old Spanish-style missions. But how do you add trim to a rounded corner?

While the bullnose does look great, it always adds a bit of extra work to us trim installers. When installing baseboard around bullnose corners we have three options on how to make up the baseboard corners. The first option is to simply do a 90-degree corner as if the corner was square. The second option is to do a three piece corner. The third option is to use a 3/4” ID turned corner piece.

The Bench Dog Bullnose Trim Gauge is made to assist you during layout when installing trim using options 2 and 3. It is a simple marking gauge that can be placed directly on the corner of the wall to help you when measuring. You can use it to mark your layout lines, or you can tack it in place and hook you tape measure right on it. Typically when installing base in this situation I would make up a jig out of the baseboard, however, this bullnose gauge would be a much lighter option. - Amazon

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