Makita Xtract Vac Wants To Suck Up Your Mess

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Written by Chris     February 01, 2013    
Makita Xtract Vac VC4710

Makita has been making a real effort to offer dust collection accessory options for many of their new tools, which is something I really like, but until now they have been without an actual dust extractor of their own. So what does Makita and their new Xtraxt Vac (VC4710) have to offer?

As we have seen, designing a good dust extractor is not something that is easy to do, which is probably why they cost more than your typical shop vacuum. But if Makita's cordless vacuum is any indication of what to expect, I think we are in good hands.

If we go by the specs that Makita has provided, we can see that the Xtract Vac stacks up really well against their competition. The Xtract Vac seems to have good stats on the most important numbers, like a high CFMs (135), high water lift (92") and low decibels (59). As it ships it can filter down to 2 micros with 99.95% efficiency, but with the HEPA filter accessory it can filter down to .3 microns with 99.97% efficiency. Keeping the filters clean is how you keep the suction levels high, and Makita does this with a dual filter system with a timed alternating blow-back feature that self cleans the filters as the vac is running. (videos below)

When Makita first started announcing their dust collection accessories I wondered why they didn't have a vac to make up a complete system. Now that the Xtract Vac is here (well almost) we can see that Makita has amassed a full range of dust collect attachments for most of their woodworking and concrete tools.

Makita Dust Extraction Page

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DescriptionXtract Vac
Air flow rate135 CFM
Power consumption840 / 1,440 watts
Static water lift92"
Working sound level59 dB(A)
Equipped filter surface area2 x 1.62 ft²
Equipped filter efficiency99.95% of particles size 2 microns and larger
Peak Horsepower4 HP
Gross container size12 gal.
Dry capacity9 gal.
Wet capacity8 gal.
Net Weight27 lbs.
IncludesVacuum, main flat Nano filters, fleece Nano filter bag, disposal bag, 1-3/8" x 16' anti-static hose, crevice nozzle, cuff adapter.
Optional AccessoriesMain flat HEPA filter (pair), main Nano filters (pair), fleece Nano filter bag, disposal bag, 1" x 11-1/2" anti-static hose, main adapter, flooring set


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