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Bosch 5.0Ah Battery Packs Coming This May

Written by Chris     April 17, 2014    
Bosch 5.0Ah Battery BAT621

Isn't competition great? Cordless tools are stronger than ever with brands racing and competing to deliver the most powerful tools; and now we are in a heated race to see who can pack the most Ah into a battery. Well, it looks like Bosch is taking the lead with their new BAT621 5.0Ah 18-volt battery arriving this May.

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Just A Couple Of Guys Playing Jenga With Excavators

Written by Chris     April 16, 2014    
Built For It™ Trials - Stack: Largest Board Game Played with Cat® Excavators

Playing a game of Jenga with friends and family is always fun, so imagine how much more fun it would be to play with 600-pound wooden blocks and heavy equipment. This is obviously a commercial for Cat, but that doesn't make it any less fun to watch. Of course, the best part of Jenga is buildup of adrenalin and anxiety of not knowing when the wooden tower might topple over. I wonder if those feelings increase as the size of the blocks increases?

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New Bosch Drills Feature Active Response Technology To Save Your Wrists From Injury

Written by Chris     April 03, 2014    

If you have ever used a large hole-saw in a drill you know the dangers that can happen if the saw binds into the wood. The drill will either twist right out of your hand, or your wrist will end up twisting right along with it. To prevent this from happening, Bosch's new DDH181X Drill and HDH181X Hammer Drill use something called Active Response Technology.

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