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Written by Chris Rodenius.

Do you find the information on useful? Running this site takes time and money. You can help us buy buying your tools through one of our affiliates. You can even buy your non-tools from Amazon.comSupport Us and most of the time you can get free shipping. If you use ad blocking software, please consider disablining it on If you use Bitcoin, you can donate to use by using this address: 1CxbFSN72vWRZzJp5KYRjc4ovh7GCvX18m.

Bookmarklet Link (beta): If you really want to show your support you can drag this Bookmarklet (Affiliate 4 Tool-Rank) to your bookmarks toolbar and use it to affiliate almost every online store you use. It might not wok on every online store, but it doesn't hurt to try it out.

How ito use it.
  1. Drag the link into your bookmark folder or toolbar. (You only need to do this step once)
  2. Visit your favorite online store.
  3. Click on your new Affiliate 4 Tool-Rank bookmarklet.
  4. A box will appear asking if you want to Affiliate the link. (Click OK)
  5. The link will run through the affiliation process.
  6. Continue shopping as usual.


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Here are some simple ways to help spread the word.
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