What’s cooler than a Festool Systainer? A Cooltainer.

What’s cooler than a Festool Systainer? A Cooltainer.
Chris   June 13, 2014  
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Festool Cooltainer

We have seen Festool Systainers modified to suit the different needs of its users, including being turned into a jobsite radio, or another jobsite radio, and I have even seen one turned into an air compressor housing. But just like what Festool did with their Systainer First Aid Kit, they have come out with their own Limited Edition Insulated Systainer Modification.

Designed to keep your drinks cold on a hot summer day, or your food warn during the long winter months, the Cooltainer is Festool's latest self-modified Systainer. For those who already use the modular Systainer system for their tools, the Cooltainer is an easy way to now bring your lunch along for the ride.

The Cooltainer is based on the Systainer SYS-4 design and features 1.25" think insulating foam, with inside dimensions of 9" x 9" x 12". It will be available June 15 2014 for $95.00 while supplies last.