Weekend Links: What Makes A Good Flash Light, Olympic Rings

Weekend Links: What Makes A Good Flash Light, Olympic Rings

Chris   August 04, 2012  
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What Makes a Good LED Flashlight [Infographic] - Coast 

You might have noticed that Tool-Rank has teamed up with Coast Portland to giveaway one of their LED Lanterns. Coast also makes LED flashlights (one of which I reviewed here) and they also make knives and multi-tools. What makes up a good LED flashlight is more than just build quality and lumens, and in this LED Flashlight Infographic Coast explains how important the optics are to a flshlight.

Peachtree Woodworking Drill Press Dust Collector Review – ToolBoxBuzz

Ever wonder how to collect the dust that you make from your drill press? ToolBoxBuzz reviews a flexible dust collector kit that attaches to your collector and drill press and allows you to position the nozzle right where you need it.

ThingaMeJig Scribing Tool – ToolSkool

A typical scribe is similar to a drafting compass and is used with a pencil to draw offset lines on your material that match the mating surface. ToolSkool takes a look at a new version that cuts a scribing line right into your material, because sometimes those pencil lines can be hard to see.

Making Wood Olympic Rings – Woodworking For Mere Mortals

You might not ever find the need or desire to build yourself a set of Olympic rings, but you can always use the ring making method Steve shows us for other projects.