Weekend Links: Pegboard Drawer Bottoms, Matching Curved Trim

Weekend Links: Pegboard Drawer Bottoms, Matching Curved Trim
Chris   April 21, 2012  
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Making curved molding with the tilting router lift

If Tool Users Talked Like Photographers – LensRentals

If you have ever visited a photography forum you have probably figured out pretty quickly that you are doing everything all wrong and that everyone else knows more than you. What if tool forums were the same way? A funny post at LensRentals shows us what it would be like if the elite photographer attitude was present in tool forums (sadly it is to some extent).

Pegboard Drawer Bottoms – Kreg (newsletter)

Have you ever heard of pegboard drawer bottoms? The Kreg April newsletter briefly talks about them, and the idea isn't half bad. By using a pegboard bottom, and dividers with pegs in them, you can easily reposition the dividers to match your changing needs. They also have the advantage of keeping you drawers free from dust build up.

Curved window trim capture and layout – WoodGears

Matthias shows us how we can easily copy tricky shapes and curves for molding using his BigPrint program. He takes a photo of the shape, and uses his program to print the shape to the scale he wants, then all that is left is to match the molding. A program like BigPrint has endless possibilities.


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