Weekend Links: Invest In Signs, Makita Electric Bike

Weekend Links: Invest In Signs, Makita Electric Bike

Chris   September 08, 2012  
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QUIZ: What Tool Are You? - BrightNest

If you were a tool, what tool would you be? Take the quiz to find out. These types of quizzes are always a bit of fun, and something they are even accurate.

iFixit Magnetic Project Mat Review – ToolGuyd

If you do tool repairs and you are looking for a good way to keep those parts and screws organized, you probably want to check out TooGuyd's review of the iFitit magnetic mat. The magnets keep your screws from ending up on the shop floor and you can even draw on the mat to keep track of what's what.

Promote Your Business with a Job Site Sign – BeThePro

Our friend Rob Robillard over at A Concord Carpenter wrote a great article over at BeThePro explaining why it is a good idea to invest in some signs to promote your contractor business. Signs are great cheap advertising and they build up your brand name.

Can't Get It Here: Makita Cordless Bike – ToolsOfTheTrade

We have seen some bikes that are powered by electric drills, but Makita China chose to do things the right way and just build a proper electric bike. It is compact, folds in half, and runs off of one or two standard Makita LXT 18-volt batteries.

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