Weekend Links: Festool LED Light, Dust Cyclone Shootout

Weekend Links: Festool LED Light, Dust Cyclone Shootout
Chris   May 05, 2012  
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A Seriously High-Buck LED Worklamp – ToolMonger

Festool is known for making high quality and high priced power tools, and ToolMonger also found that they make really high priced portable LED work lights. The Festool SysLite powers a total of six 3-watt LEDs that are said to produce a clear white light capable of brightening an entire room. It has an internal rechargeable battery, but it can also be plugged into the wall for extended use.

Makita Brushless Tool Page – Makita

It can get confusing trying to figure out which of the new tools are brushless and which are just new tools. Makita has made it easy with a new page that lists their brushless tool offerings. Makita already has a number of brushless tools, and their new page suggests that more of their LXT tools will be going brushless in the future. We look forward to a brushless reciprocating saw, circular saw, and mini grinder.

Dust Cyclone Separator Shootout – TheWoodWhisperer (Video)

There are a number of dust cyclone separators on the market today, but which is best? Dust cyclones do the job of separating dust into a container before it has a chance to reach your shop vac or dust extractor. This added step cost you a little up front, but it saves you in dust filters and bags in the long run. The Wood Whisperer reviews the Dust Deputy, MiniCV06, and the Rockler Dust Right Vortex.

Cool Video Using Tools - YouTube

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