Weekend Links: Cordless Fan, Make A Wooden Mallet

Weekend Links: Cordless Fan, Make A Wooden Mallet
Chris   June 16, 2012  
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Make a wood mallet

RYOBI 18Volt ONE+ Portable Fan – ToolBoxBuzz

Hate working in the heat? I do. Ryobi came up with a cordless fan to help you stay cool. It runs off of an 18-volt battery and can last up to 10 hours. Wow.

Stackable Dewalt 12V Tool Case – ToolGuyd

Mr ToolGuyd spotted a new stackable case that ToolStop in selling in the UK. It looks to be smaller than other stackable systems and features a clear lid. It's available in the UK, but ToolStop does ship to the US if you must have one.

Using Sugru Rubber to Customize & Fix Stuff - Coptool

Sometimes our things break, other times our things need customization. These are the problems Sugru was designed to solve. CopTool shows us how it can be used to gripify an iPhone.

Make A Wood Mallet – Youtube

Need a mallet? Why not make one? If you thought making a wooden mallet was hard, you would be wrong. Woodworking For Mere Mortals shows us his mallet making process and how easy it really is.


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