Weekend Links: 12V Recip Showdown, Medical Double Drive

Weekend Links: 12V Recip Showdown, Medical Double Drive

Chris   March 31, 2012  
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12V Recip Saw Showdown, Milwaukee v Bosch v DeWalt v Makita – Coptool

Which ultra-compact reciprocating saw is best? Coptool puts the 12V recip saws from the major brands in a head to head battle. They test cutting speed, power, battery life, comfort and more. Check out the review to see who Coptool chooses as the winner.

Custom Woodworker Takes on OSHA and Wins – Woodworking Network

The big bad OSHA is out there and they just might find you and fine you, even if you did nothing wrong. How? By using ANSI standards that do not exist. OSHA is here to keep us safe, but don't let them push you around.

Kobalt Double Drive Goes Medical – Toolguyd

Looks like the design company behind the Lowe's Kobalt Double Drive has bigger plans for their creation. ToolGuyd found out that a stainless steel version will be making its way to the medical fields. BTW, is Lowe's even selling the Double Drive anymore?

Video Review - Craftsman Folding Clench Wrench – ToolSkool

ToolSkool reviews the new Craftsman Folding Clench Wrench. Craftsman makes two sizes of the auto adjusting wrench, which covers most of the common nut and bolt sizes. Though probably not ideal for precision work, tools like this are often handy in an emergency.

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