Weekend Links: Ultimate Tool Bag Giveaway, The Best Multimeter Tutorial

Bosch L-Boxx Click & Go Storage System Review (video below) - ToolSkool

I have covered the features of the Bosch L-Boxx system in part of my 72-hour disaster kit build, but we have to hand it to our friends over at ToolSkool for making the most thorough video review of the Bosch L-Boxx and its features. Take a look at their video below.

Win A Bosch Drill Driver/Impact Driver Tool Kit - Ohio Power Tool

What a sweet Christmas present for yourself? Check out the Bosch 2-piece Drill and Impact giveaway that OPT is running on their Facebook page. You have to "Like" their page to enter, but you should like them anyways.

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Weekend Links: What Makes A Good Flash Light, Olympic Rings


What Makes a Good LED Flashlight [Infographic] - Coast 

You might have noticed that Tool-Rank has teamed up with Coast Portland to giveaway one of their LED Lanterns. Coast also makes LED flashlights (one of which I reviewed here) and they also make knives and multi-tools. What makes up a good LED flashlight is more than just build quality and lumens, and in this LED Flashlight Infographic Coast explains how important the optics are to a flshlight.

Peachtree Woodworking Drill Press Dust Collector Review – ToolBoxBuzz

Ever wonder how to collect the dust that you make from your drill press? ToolBoxBuzz reviews a flexible dust collector kit that attaches to your collector and drill press and allows you to position the nozzle right where you need it.

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Weekend Links: Cordless Fan, Make A Wooden Mallet


RYOBI 18Volt ONE+ Portable Fan – ToolBoxBuzz

Hate working in the heat? I do. Ryobi came up with a cordless fan to help you stay cool. It runs off of an 18-volt battery and can last up to 10 hours. Wow.

Stackable Dewalt 12V Tool Case – ToolGuyd

Mr ToolGuyd spotted a new stackable case that ToolStop in selling in the UK. It looks to be smaller than other stackable systems and features a clear lid. It's available in the UK, but ToolStop does ship to the US if you must have one.

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Weekend Links: Flattening Large Boards, Zero Clearance Inserts The Right Way


Dust Free Drilling with the Dust Bubble - Homefixated

Need to drill a hole and leave no evidence behind? Check out this cool and weird product that will capture the dust into a bubble that you can then throw into the trash. A vacuum is probably more practical for a lot of drilling, but if you have a few holes, this bubble might save you.

Load-N-Lock Lunch Bucket - ToolSkool

When you go to work you need a manly lunch. The Load-N-Lock Lunch Bucket is big enough to hold your manly lunch because it is made out of a bucket. The inside in lined with insulation to keep your food cold all day long and it even has a lockable lid.

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Weekend Links: Flexible Plywood, Oldest Known Swiss Army Knife


4LTX Shelf Bracket – Inventor's Corner - ToolSkool

ToolSkool came across some cool little shelf/furniture brackets while at the National Hardware Show. The 4LTX brackets can turn 3/4-inch wood into shelving, furniture, bookcase, tables, and more in a matter of minutes. Mladen, the inventor is originally from Bosnia and is trying to live the American dream.

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Weekend Links: Festool LED Light, Dust Cyclone Shootout


A Seriously High-Buck LED Worklamp – ToolMonger

Festool is known for making high quality and high priced power tools, and ToolMonger also found that they make really high priced portable LED work lights. The Festool SysLite powers a total of six 3-watt LEDs that are said to produce a clear white light capable of brightening an entire room. It has an internal rechargeable battery, but it can also be plugged into the wall for extended use.

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Weekend Links: SketchUp Sold, Destruction In Slow-Mo


DeWALT 4.0Ah 20V MAX Batteries Spotted in the Wild – Tools In Action

Are you hungry for more cordless tool runtime? A 4.0Ah battery was spotted on a store shelf the land from down under. Could this be a sign of things to come? Remember, some of the major brands just recently made the move from 2.8Ah up to 3.0Ah. Do they want to get into an Ah race where size is also factor?

Google sells 3D modeling tool SketchUp to Trimble Navigation – The Verge

SketchUp is a popular tool among woodworkers and contractors alike, so what is your first reaction when you hear that it has been sold? Don't panic just yet. Trimble Navigation is a major player in the construction field so this might actually be a good thing. We will have to see where this goes, but for now Trimble will still offer a free version and the Google SketchUp Warehouse will still remain.

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Weekend Links: Pegboard Drawer Bottoms, Matching Curved Trim


If Tool Users Talked Like Photographers – LensRentals

If you have ever visited a photography forum you have probably figured out pretty quickly that you are doing everything all wrong and that everyone else knows more than you. What if tool forums were the same way? A funny post at LensRentals shows us what it would be like if the elite photographer attitude was present in tool forums (sadly it is to some extent).

Pegboard Drawer Bottoms – Kreg (newsletter)

Have you ever heard of pegboard drawer bottoms? The Kreg April newsletter briefly talks about them, and the idea isn't half bad. By using a pegboard bottom, and dividers with pegs in them, you can easily reposition the dividers to match your changing needs. They also have the advantage of keeping you drawers free from dust build up.

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Weekend Links: 12V Recip Showdown, Medical Double Drive


12V Recip Saw Showdown, Milwaukee v Bosch v DeWalt v Makita – Coptool

Which ultra-compact reciprocating saw is best? Coptool puts the 12V recip saws from the major brands in a head to head battle. They test cutting speed, power, battery life, comfort and more. Check out the review to see who Coptool chooses as the winner.

Custom Woodworker Takes on OSHA and Wins – Woodworking Network

The big bad OSHA is out there and they just might find you and fine you, even if you did nothing wrong. How? By using ANSI standards that do not exist. OSHA is here to keep us safe, but don't let them push you around.

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Weekend Links: How Veneer Is Made, The Original All-Terrain Table Saw


Fastcap Square 'n' Tape – Eat Your Heart Out Swiss Army Knife - HomeFixated

Chances are that if you are using a tape measure you probably are using a square as well. HomeFixated reviews a product that combines the two into one. Sound like it could be a time saver; though it probably wont fit in your tape measure pocket.

The Original All-Terrain Table Saw - Tools Of The Trade

Before manufacturers came out with table saws with built it wheeled stands, or even portable table saws, people that were on-the-go had to make their own. Take a look at one mans solution from the 60's.

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