Trimble Announces SketchUp 2013 Release

Trimble Announces SketchUp 2013 Release Hot
Chris   May 23, 2013  
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SketchUp 2013

Less than a year ago SketchUp left the Google family and joined the Trimble family. I am sure like most of you, I expected some improvements to come from this deal. After all, why buy something like SketchUp, if you are just going to keep it the same? With SketchUp 2013 we get to see what Trimble has done with their baby.

First we need to remember that there are two versions of SketchUp—the paid version, and the free version, which was newly named SketchUp Maker. While both versions do see some updates, most of them go to SketchUp Pro and the additional tools that come with it. One of the biggest updates that both versions got was the addition of a plugin app warehouse. With it, you have one place to find, download, and install plugins. And while SketchUp Maker didn't get the .stl support many 3d printer users were hoping for, the SketchUp Team did add support by way of a plugin.

Trimble is a company that makes products for engineering and construction, so it should be no surprise that they are making SketchUp a better tool for those tasks. Layout for SketchUp Pro has been greatly improved with not only performance enhancements, but with user requested features. Layout turns 3D designs into drawings and even construction plans, and to make it better at doing the latter, Trimble added Pattern Fill. Pattern Fill makes it easy to add pattern detail to construction drawings using the included patterns or you own designs. Now, with simple patterns, you can show in your construction drawings that the front patio should be one style of bricks, and the back another.

SketchUp 2013
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