Starbond CA Glue Review and Discount Code

Starbond CA Glue Review and Discount Code
Chris   September 23, 2019  
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We live in busy times as it is so when I finally have time to work on a project, whether it is woodworking or just fixing stuff around the house, the last thing I want is to have to wait for the glue to dry before I can move onto the next step. So when Starbond reached out to me and asked if I wanted to try out their fast curing CA glues, I was more than happy to give them a try.

Starbond makes Cyanoacrylate Glues, a type of glue more commonly called CA glue or crazy glue or super glue. CA glue is an already fast-drying glue that can be cured even faster with the use of an accelerator spray. This makes CA glue advantageous for woodworkers or DIY'ers where hours can be lost just waiting for things to cure or dry. Starbond is compatible with wood, metal, rubber, leather, ceramics, gemstones, minerals, fiberglass, plastics, and more.

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I have used CA glue from different brands in the past on the jobsite, where I couldn't use traditional fasteners or clamps. The glue worked well, but I did run into some issues with the applicator. This the first Plus that I noticed Starbond has over that other brands.

CA glue is expensive compared to traditional wood glues but the fact that it cures so quickly and requires very little glue to hold strong make up for the extra price over the long run. However, my issue with other CA glues was that they would "dry-out" before I could come close to using up the full bottle. Or the tip would clog, thus making the bottle useless.

Starbond Applicators tips

Starbond makes a much better cap that doesn't seem to have the issues I have experienced with other CA glues. The very first bottle I opened a few months ago is still flowing smoothly. Starbond even provides an extra applicator in case one gets clogged or you want to open one up for more flow. They also include smaller flexible applicators that can be used for fine control.

What made me want to try out Starbond when they contacted me was when I saw that they make Black and Brown tinted CA Glues in addition to the many clear viscosities they offer. One of the uses of the tinted glues is that they can be used to fill gaps and voids in darker woods. You can see an example of this where I filled a hole in some walnut using the black glue.

Starbond Gap Filling With Black

The Thin, Medium, Thick... Starbond glues each have their advantages depending on the project. Another great thing about Starbond is that their website blog showcases how each of their different glues can be used. For example, the thin glue works great for inlay work where you need the glue to be able to flow between pieces that have tight tolerances. Whereas for jewelry, you might use a thicker glue that will not drip to unintended places.

I mentioned that CA glue is fast drying, but this is dependant on how much glue you use. A small drop of Starbond in open-air will dry in a few seconds; filling a void will take much longer. However, if you want an even quicker bond, you can use the Starbond spray accelerator.

Starbond glue colors

If you spay one piece with the accelerator and apply glue to the other piece, they will bond almost instantly. When using Starbond to fill gaps, you can add the glue and then spray directly onto the glue and built up layers as needed. It will cure to rock-hard and be ready for sanding in just seconds.

Since CA Glue is typically more expensive than regular wood glue, I like to use a combination of both for my woodworking projects. I might glue up the majority of a large joint with wood glue and use Starbond in spots along the joint to get an instant cure. Wood glue tends to be more flexible than CA glue, so it helps in that regard too. However, when gluing metal to wood, I use straight Starbond.

Starbond GLue Packaging

A 2oz bottle of Starbond CA glues costs just under $11. It includes 8 micro tips, 2 applicator caps, and 1 clog-free stopper. They also offer smaller and larger sizes. If kept stored at temperatures under 40°F, Starbond has a 20-month shelf life warranty. Starbond Accelerator starts at around $8, and in my opinion, it is worth the extra price that it offers in faster curing times.

If those prices were not good enough, Starbond has kindly provided a discount of 10% 15% OFF of your order by using coupon code TOOLRANK15 during checkout. Each purchase will also help keep this website going. - Starbond


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