Video Tool Reviews

Video Tool Reviews

Chris   October 13, 2008  
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I am always looking for ways to make Tool-Rank a better, simpler, cooler place to write and read about power tool reviews. The way the Internet is becoming more and more media oriented, it only makes since that I move in that direction as well.

So I am happy to add an option that allows users to add their own video tool reviews to Tool-Rank. All you have to do is upload your video to YouTube, and add it to your review. The next time you go to add a review you will see a text field, where you can enter the 11 digit Youtube video ID. The video ID is found in the URL of every YouTube video.

This addition was very simple to add, and might make it easier to explain certin aspects that might have otherwise been difficult. I will probably take advantage of this new feature myself. 

Add your video tool reviews today

P.S. You can add videos to your old reviews by simply editing your review and adding the 11 digit video ID.