Tool-Rank On Facebook

Tool-Rank On Facebook

Chris   May 21, 2010  
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Initially I did not put much thought into making a Facebook page for Tool-Rank. The likely reason probably being because I do not use Facebook much for myself. However, Facebook is the largest social network and I would be a fool not to take part in what it has to offer. So after much delay, you can now find Tool-Rank amongst the Facebook masses.

So what do you get with TR on Facebook? Just about the same thing you get here on the site, except with FB you can share what you like on TR more easily with your friends. Our FB page mirrors all the news and reviews that are posted on directly on TR, so you can get the latest tool news directly on your Facebook news feed. If you are a user of FB and a reader of Tool-Rank, you should make sure you have added the Tool-Rank FB page to your account.

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