Good News and Bad News

Good News and Bad News

Chris   October 18, 2008  
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Lets me start with the good news. When I bought the Bosch PS40-2 Impactor set for the Giveaway , Bosch had a promotion to get a free PS20 Drill via mail in rebate. I always  get a little nervous when it comes to rebates, because if you don't follow the requirements to the letter, then they can reject you. I received a letter the other day from Bosch saying that they had an overwhelming response from the promotion, and will be shipping the PS20 by November 1st. So the good news is the PS20 is coming, and as long as it arrives before the contest ends, I am happy.

Now for the bad news. I had plans to start adding some videos to my reviews. Not  full on video reviews, but more like an extra bit of visuial information. Something more then a photo could give you. Too bad I pluged my video camera into the wrong DC power supply and burned the thing up. :( Always check your voltages. The camera was probably 8 years old, so it wasnt a huge loss, but now I need to buy another one.