About Tool-Rank and future plans

About Tool-Rank and future plans

Chris   September 27, 2008  
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I just want to say a few things about Tool-Rank and why I started the site, and also go over a few plans/ideas I have for the future.

I am a full time finish carpenter, and run Tool-Rank in all my after work time. The reason I started Tool-Rank is simple. I was/am tired of seeing tool companies taking tools in the wrong direction. It started with one particular saw that was  great when it came out new, but started to show its weakness as new innovative features started to appear in its competition. I had expectations of the next version being amazing; incorporating the newer features with the old things that made it great. Thanks to them Tool-Rank was born. The next version of the saw had added some new features to make it better, but removed all of the old features that made it great in the first place. 5 points to who ever figures out what saw I am taking about.

This is why we need your honest reviews. If there is something about a particular tool that you love, or more importantly something that you absolutely hate, you need to let the tool world know.

How do you feel about the In Depth Reviews? Most of the tool blogs on the Internet today are backed by an online tool store. This gives them access to unlimited tools which allows them to do comparison reviews. This is something I cannot do. I do not have access to these tools, and I cannot afford to buy them. I will continue to do honest reviews on tools I am given, or own, but keep in mind that I cannot review everything. You can find lots of power tool reviews across the Internet that should help you where I cannot. I put together a feed using Yahoo Pipes, that takes all the reviews from the top blogs and combines them together in one super power tool review feed.

So what do I have planned for Tool-Rank? Upgrades upgrades and more upgrades. Tool-Rank is running on an open source content management system using a verity of components that make everything come together. These all need to be upgraded from time to time which is not a big deal, but I do need to upgrade the CMS to a newer much different version, and this will take some work. The upgrade will not take place until after the new year.

There is some good that will come with the next version. A points system is being developed that I am hoping can be integrated with the reviews system. With the points system in place, users would be awarded points for adding reviews, blog posts, comments,  links, etc. Then the points can be redeemed to get free stuff.

I look forward to seeing Tool-Rank grow and become a leader in tool reviews and information. A place where even manufacturers come to get ideas.