Rip-it Automates Table Saw Fence Setup

Rip-it Automates Table Saw Fence Setup
Chris   June 01, 2018  
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Rip-it Automates Table Saw Fence Setup

We all know the typical rip-fence setup routine for a table saw. First, you unlock the fence, then you measure and position it, then you tap it a few times in both directions, then you lock it in place when you think you have it right—but you don't really have it right. The fence has inevitably moved while you were locking it into position. Now you get to do the whole process over again. Or, you could use a new product launched on Kickstarter called Rip-it, that offers a more automated solution.

Instead of the lengthy process mentioned above, Rip-it gets the same setup task done with just a few presses with your finger on a touchscreen. By simply entering your desired measurement onto a touchscreen, the Rip-it fence will automatically adjust to match the measurement you entered with an accuracy of .005in

The Rip-it automated table fence uses the same technology that can be found in CNC machines, and you could even describe it as a single-axis CNC machine. A single stepper motor drives the fence using a rack and pinion gear system that is mounted on the table saw. The motor has a locking torque of over 100-lbs, which means that once the fence moves into position, it is effectively locked in that position until you enter a new measurement. The Rip-it fence even self-celebrates by zeroing on to the saw blade, using it as an electrical ground contact.

Rip it Moving to Position

Rip-it has modeled their fence system after the most common style that can be found on the market; so compatibility shouldn't be much of a problem. They say the easiest way to install Rip-it is to bolt the rail (tube) directly to the angle iron that most professional table saws use to mount the stock fence system. If worse come to worse, you can mount your own angle iron.

Early-bird (limited) pricing has the Rip-it at $499, but by the time you read this, it has probably jumped up to $799. Still, at this price, it is priced cheaper than similar automated measurement systems that have been designed for other power tools. Learn more about the Rip-it fence

As with all Kickstarter projects, there is some level of risk. Be sure you understand the risk before you hand over your money.

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