Video: Bosch DareDevil spade bit review

Video: Bosch DareDevil spade bit review
Chris   October 27, 2008  
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Bosch DareDevil spade drill bit review

You might remember a past post Bosch introduces their new DareDevil spade bit line, where Bosch introduces a self feeding spade bit.

Bosch has designed the fastest, easiest to use bit ever, and we dare you to try it. The key to this performance is the patented design of the bit itself.  Many of the other wood drilling products come with a threaded tip for fast smooth feeding. A first for spades, Bosch has incorporated a full cone threaded tip, which has increased not only the speed of the bit, but also the ease of drilling.

Now to see if they work as advertised. I compared a new 3/4" Bosch DareDevil spade bit against a new 11/16" brand name spade bit. I used 11/16" because it was all I had that was new. The advantage, if any, would go to the smaller 11/16" bit. The first thing I noticed is how much faster the DareDevil cuts through the wood compared to the standard bit. Bosch claims 2.4 times faster, and I would say that is about right. Bosch also says the DaveDevil leaves a cleaner exit hole, with less breakout. I also found this to be true, though the amount depends on the type of wood and grain orientation. One thing that you cant tell from watching the video below, is how easy it is to use the DareDevil bit. Because of the self feeding tip, it takes almost zero effort for me to drill through the wood. This is not the case with a standard spade bit. If you are going to be spending a day drilling holes, or drilling upside down, it is probably worth it to take a look at these new bits.

You should be able to find the new DareDevil bits online and in stores soon. More information on these bits can be found at


Showing that they can cut through lumber with ease and speed, it is no wonder the Bosch DareDevil spade bits were chosen as a Tool-Rank Pick. In a head to head battle with other spade bits, the DareDevil bits came out well ahead of the competition.

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