Screwpop Utility Knife 2.0 Review

Screwpop Utility Knife 2.0 Review
Chris   December 07, 2015  
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Screwpop Utility Knife 2.0 Review

There are many who suggest carrying around a knife of some kind almost everywhere you go, after all, you never know when you might need it for convenience sake, or for emergency’s sake.  However, there are many that don’t like the idea of filling up their pockets with a bunch of extra weight. Ron's Utility Knife 2.0 is a new product from Screwpop that provides all the handiness of carrying around a basic pocket knife, without the bulk that is sometimes associated one.

Screwpop is known for making all kinds of keychain-sized pocket tools, and Ron's Utility Knife 2.0 is no exception. Like any true utility knife, Ron's Utility Knife 2.0 uses standard replaceable utility knife blades. What might surprise you, though, is that the whole knife is not much bigger than the actual knife blade. Yes, it is actually small enough to fit on a keychain.

It might seem dangerous to carry around a knife blade in your pocket, but rest assured, Screwpop has it all figured out. The knife blade rides in a track that keeps the sharp edge covered while not in use, and the blade can only slide out once the Lock Lever is lifted. The Lock Lever also serves as a way to control how much of the knife blade is exposed, by locking into the notches that are already built into utility blades. In true Screwpop fashion, they could not just give you a great little utility knife, they also had to throw in a bottle opener. Why not, right?

Screwpop Utility Knife 2.0 Bottle Opener

Operating the knife can easily be done with one hand, as long as you are using your right hand; unfortunately it is not as easy for a lefty, but they are probably used to having to use things the right way. A magnet prevents the knife blade from accidently sliding out, while also providing a way to store the knife on a toolbox, refrigerator, or any other magnet-loving surface. During testing I found Ron's Utility Knife 2.0 to be quick and easy to use, though not very comfortable for heavy usage; and honestly, you can’t get the same comfort as a full-sized knife from something so small. For smaller jobs, such as opening packages or cutting up boxes, the Screwpop Utility Knife works just great.

If you like the idea of carrying around a small knife every day, the Screwpop Utility Knife is a great option. It is small enough to not be bulky, and it has the added benefit of using removable & replaceable blades. You can use it as often as you want, then you can simply replace the blade when it gets dull. If you find yourself heading to an airport or courthouse, you can ditch the blade and not have to worry about your knife getting confiscated. At only $7, the Screwpop Utility Knife seems like a real bargain, and since it is made out of stainless steel, it should last for many years. – Screwpop | - Amazon


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