Nitecore MT06 Penlight Flashlight Review

Nitecore MT06 Penlight Flashlight Review
Chris   June 24, 2016  
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Nitecore MT06 Penlight Flashlight Review

If you have been reading Tool-Rank for any period of time you might be aware that I am a fan of keeping a flashlight in my tool bag with my tools. Working on a jobsite, I never know when I am going to need to light up a room or dark corner. After using the Nitecore MT06 Penlight for a bit, I decided to apply that same logic to my everyday life. Let me tell you why the Nitecore MT06 has become my first EDC flashlight.

When Nitecore sent me their MT06 Flashlight to review, I had no idea I would like it so much that I would take it with me wherever I go, but that is what I ended up doing. After I opened the box and put the Nitecore flashlight in my pocket, the only time it left the pocket was when it was being used, or when it was being transferred to the next pocket.

The reason I like the Nitecore MT06 so much has everything to do with its small size. It runs off of 2xAAA batteries and it is not much bigger than they are. It is about 1/2-inch in diameter and only about 5-inches in length; smaller than most pens. At only 44grams (with batteries), it doesn't weigh me down either. Until now, I would never carry a flashlight on me, because of size and weight, but this is not an issue with the Nitecore MT06. I even stayed away from smaller keyring lights because of the bulk they could add to my pocket, but the built-in clip on the MT06 allows me to clip the penlight to the inside of my front pants pocket next to my knife, and I hardly know it is there.

A flashlight is useless if it can't provide enough light, but the MT06 shines (pun intended) in this aspect as well. When you turn it on, it will start off on the LOW setting, delivering 32 lumens of clean white light. On low, the flashlight can last for up to 5-1/4-hours, and this is the setting I find myself using the most. It is plenty bright enough for most daily needs, where you just need to add a bit of light to see things a little easier.

Nightcore MT06 Penlight Flashlight Review

When you really need to light up the area, a quick press of the power button will switch the light into HIGH, where the Cree XQ-E LED blasts 165 lumens of light. I only ever needed to use the High setting a handful of times, but it is sure nice to have that option available to me when I need it. On the high setting, the penlight can run for up to 45-minutes.

If you still aren't sold, the Nitecore penlight is made of aero grade aluminum, with an HAIII hard-anodized finish, and a stainless steel titanium-plated pocket clip. The flashlight is also waterproof and submersible with an IPX-8.2m rating.

While the Nitecore MT06 is great, it is not perfect. One part of the light I really dislike is the power button. It is metal, which is fine, but it has a lot of slop in the On/Off action. The excess movement in the button doesn't affect performance, but it makes an otherwise solid feeling flashlight feel cheap.

I really really like the Nitecore MT06 Penlight Flashlight, and I would recommend it to anyone, but I would let them know about the part of the light I really dislike, and if they can get past it—like I do—they should see that it is a great little light. The batteries seem to last forever on the low setting, which means you don't have to worry about them dying when you need them. When they do run out, you can get replacement AAA batteries at just about any corner drug store. At about $20, it is also very affordable, and would make a great gift for anyone. - Amazon


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