Lenox Speed Slot Hole Saw + Snap-Back Arbor Review

Lenox Speed Slot Hole Saw + Snap-Back Arbor Review

Chris   May 11, 2011  
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Do the new Lenox Speed Slot Hole Saws Work? Yes. This is the easiest review yet.

OK you might want a little more information on the subject, but in the end, the Speed Slot Hole Saws work as advertised. The stepped slot in the side of the hole saw made it super easy to eject out the piece of wood by simply working your prying device (screwdriver) up the steps. The Lenox hole saw may be named after the stepped slot, but there is a little more at work that ensures successful puck removal. The simple fact that Lenox chose not to paint the inside of the hole saw also plays a large part. In comparison with other hole saws, the Lenox Speed Slot is much much smoother on the inside because of the lack of paint. The smoothness cuts down on friction, which also aids in the removal process.


The Speed Slots work great in the puck removal category, but hole saws also have to drill holes. Again Lenox chose to do something simple that probably should have been done years ago; they made their hole saws with a thinner kerf. Using a thinner kerf again cuts down on resistance, which enables the drill to use less power during the cut and at the same time cuts faster. Lenox did use paint on the outside of the hole saw, but with just a cut or two, most of it fell off. Again the lack of paint reduces the amount of friction, and less friction means faster cuts with less heat. Lenox designed the outer paint to be temporary, so all of the hole saws are etched with dimensions.


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[:cicn:] Amazon

To use along with the holes saws, Lenox also sent over their Snap-Back hole saw arbor. A faster way to change out holes saws has been something we have all wanted. Some brands use a quick release chuck that works very well, but these require special hole saws, or adapters for existing holes saws. The Lenox Snap-Back arbor gives you the speed for fast changes, without the need for any adapters or special hole saws. Arbors in the past require you to screw the locking pins upward to prevent hole saw slippage after you have screwed the saw to the arbor, but the Snap-Back arbors use pins that simply snap into position. You are still required to screw the hole saw onto the threads of the arbor, but after that, you just push the locking pins into place. It is easier to use then it is to describe. I actually prefer the Snap-Back arbor over the quick change arbors offered by other brands. It is just as easy to use, but you can use it on any hole saw, thus saving money.

Both the Speed Slot Hole Saw and the Snap-Back Arbor are great, easy to use tools by Lenox, and I cannot find anything bad to say about either one of them. Amazon currently only sells the Speed Slot hole saws with an arbor attached, but they should also be available at Lowe's and other hardware stores.

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