Hat Grabber Review

Hat Grabber Review
Chris   July 22, 2011  
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Hat Grabber

Is is fair or even possible to call a ToolRank Pick just from seeing a product demonstrated in a video? Well, that is pretty much the case for the Hat Grabber. The moment I saw it in action on video I knew it had the potential to be a real winner; all I had to do is test it out for myself to make sure it worked as well as advertised and confirm my suspicions.

If you remember, the Hat Grabber is a small hardhat add-on that claims to better hold your hard hat on your head. The people over at Hat Grabber were cool enough to send over a few of their Hat Grabbers so that my co-workers and I could test them out and see if they really worked. We are a crew that seems to have our hats on the floor more then on our heads, so we were the right guys for the job.

Attaching the Hat Grabber to a hard hat is super easy. The Hat Grabber has two sets of interlocking buckles that affix the HG to the suspension strap on your hardhat. The Hat Grabber should fit most, if not all, hard hats sold in the U.S., but they seem like they would work best with hard hats with a ratcheting-type suspension. The HG will work with non-ratcheting hard hats, but they would be harder to adjust with the HG in place.

It really works. My co-workers and I really love the Hat Grabber and we have all noticed a huge difference in how our hats now stay on our heads. It was getting praise from my co-workers within the first few hours of the first day. My hard hat used to fall off all of the time, especially when I had long hair; the only way to solve this problem was to ratchet down the suspension and make it tighter. This helped, but it also gave me headaches. With the Hat Grabber I can keep my hard hat suspension relatively loose and not have to worry about it falling off of my head. I almost forgot to mention how comfortable the Hat Grabber is. It not only grabs well, but also makes the overall hard hat more comfortable to wear.

Hat Grabber

Hat Grabber ReviewHard Hat

How does the Hat Grabber work? I am sure there is some science involved, like friction, or surface tension or something, but all I know is that the Hat Grabber has a total of 79 little grabber bumps that do a darn good job of latching onto your head. Having a full set of hair, or being bald doesn't seem to affect the grabbing capabilities of the Hat Grabber.

The Hat Grabber is a real winner. They are well worth the $11 price tag, but if you team up with your co-workers you can buy more and save. They are also made in the USA, so you would be helping a small business and the U.S. economy.


The Hat Grabber is a great product that solves a common problem. Not only does it help to keep hard hats where they belong, but it also makes the hard hats safer and more comfortable. A hard hat on the floor is not protecting your head.


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