Coast HL27 Focusing 309 Lumen LED Headlamp Review

Coast HL27 Focusing 309 Lumen LED Headlamp Review
Chris   August 28, 2013  
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Coast HL27 Headlamp Kit

When Coast contacted me and said they were sending over their new HL27 LED Headlamp, I couldn't help but remember that I had just done a video of their HL7 LED Headlamp; what could be so different? It turns out the HL27 has a number of improvements that might make it worth an upgrade.

The HL27 shares many of the features of the already great HL7, but makes improvements in certain areas to make it even better.

The first thing you'll notice about the HL27 is that it comes with a top strap. If you will be using the headlamp directly on top of your head, a top strap helps to keep it from wandering. In case you don't want to use the top strap, or you plan on using the HL27 on a hardhat, the top strap can be easily removed by unclipping it in the front and removing the strap in the back. Like the HL7, the kit includes four little hooks that make it easy to attach the light to a cap-style hardhat. Unfortunately these clips don't work as well on full-brim hardhats.

The best feature of the HL7 is present on the HL27, and that is the twist focus optics system. Twisting the lens on the front of the light easily allows one to go from a spot beam to a wide angle and everything in between. But if all you want is light, the HL27 has you covered their as well. At 309 lumens of light, the latest Coast headlamp sees a gain of more than 100 lumens over the HL7. Controlling the light is also a breeze with a new dimmer control dial that is located directly behind the focus ring and the on/off button. This is another improvement over the HL7 which had the dimmer lever in the rear light, on top of the battery compartment. Now if you need to make adjustments to both output and focus, you can find them right next to each other. The only issue I have with the dimmer dial is that it moves too easily.

Not surprisingly, I am happy with the Coast HL27 LED Headlamp. Coast has proven with their line of LED flashlights and headlamps that they put out great products. Not only is the construction quality there, but the light quality is there as well. I would say the only real complaint I have with the HL27 is the hinge that tilts the beam down; while the HL7 seems fine, the HL27 is a little stiff.

You can pick up the Coast HL27 Headlamp for about $45 online, about $10 more than the HL7. BUY - Amazon

Headlamp provided by Coast Portland.


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