Channellock High Leverage 369 Lineman Pliers Review

Channellock High Leverage 369 Lineman Pliers Review

Chris   November 12, 2010  
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A while back Channellock sent over a pair of their 369 lineman pliers and I had the pleasure of putting this tool to the test. Now I am not an electrician, which the tool was originally designed for, but who couldn't use a good set of pliers to help out with life's daily problems.

The pivoting action on the pliers was really smooth and a tell tail sign that these are quality made. Channellock recently updated these pliers by reducing the size of the pivot. This change allowed them to move the point closer to the head. As we all learned in science class, by moving the pivot, they have reduced the amount of force needed to move the opposite end. Basically they gave us a plier that cuts with less effort.


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Cutting 12/3 wire with the pliers was a piece of cake. If fact is was so easy I quickly ditched cutting wire for testing and decided to move on to tougher items. Lineman's pliers are often used for cutting screws, so I thought I would give that a try. This too was very easy. I was able to cut through typical machine screws, drywall screws, and even much harder deck screws.

I was worried that the smaller pivot would mean that the tool was less durable, but after using it to cut screws and then using it as a hammer to drive nails, my worries were put to rest. At around $20 you are getting a good product that is made in the USA, at a good price.

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