ChannelLock 8” 368 Lineman Pliers Review

ChannelLock 8” 368 Lineman Pliers Review

Chris   April 15, 2011  
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ChannelLock 8” 368 Lineman Pliers Review Amazon

Not too long ago I review the ChannelLock 9.5” 369 Lineman Pliers, but today I have the new smaller 368 8” version. As I mentioned in my previous review of the 369 Pliers, I am not a professional electrician, and any electrical work that I do is on a small scale. It is because my electrical work is DIY that I prefer the smaller ChannelLock 368's.I simply do not need the added cutting power that the 9.5” version offers. Sacrificing a little in cutting strength and gripping power is worth it to me because I am getting a smaller lighter tool with the 368. The features between the two models are nearly identical, with size being the only difference. I wouldn't necessarily call the 368 the DIY model, but if you are working with smaller gauge wires, there is no point in carrying around the added weight no matter if you are DIY or Pro.

Amazon has the 368 for about $24 and the 369 for about $27, so again this is really just about user preference.


Meadville, Pa. – Channellock Inc. is proud to announce the launch of its new 8-inch 368 high-leverage linemen's plier, the latest in high-performance design from the company known worldwide for manufacturing quality pliers. The new plier's high-leverage capability is achieved by positioning the rivet within fractions of an inch of the laser heat-treated cutting edges, giving it more power to cut through fish tape with less effort than competing professional-grade brands.

"The new 368 is the second release from our high-leverage linemen's pliers line that we will continue to expand throughout the year," said Ryan DeArment, vice president of sales and marketing at Channellock Inc. "We've been working closely with electrical professionals and do-it-yourselfers to provide them with significantly enhanced linemen's pliers that clearly provide more force and require less effort to use. So far, their feedback has been overwhelmingly positive."

With a measurement of 8.38" in length and a weight of less than one pound, the new 8" 368 high-leverage linemen's plier is perfect for those wiring on construction jobs where larger linemen's pliers may not fit. Unlike competing brands, the new 8-inch 368 high-leverage linemen's plier also provides noticeably more leverage and features knife-and-anvil cutters to ensure proper cutting edge alignment. This means less force is required to cut through high-tensile-strength fish tape or wire. The new 8" 368 high-leverage linemen's plier also provides even more utility with its useful, built-in crushing area.

Like all CHANNELLOCK pliers, the new 8-inch 368 high-leverage linemen's plier is fiercely made in Meadville, Pa. It features drop-forged, high-carbon C1080 steel and the signature CHANNELLOCK BLUE comfort grips.

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