Preview: Marlow Dynamics Flush-Cut Reciprocating Saw Attachment

Preview: Marlow Dynamics Flush-Cut Reciprocating Saw Attachment Hot
Chris   January 07, 2014  
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Preview: Marlow Dynamics Flush-Cut Reciprocating Saw Attachment

Being able to flush-cut on a reciprocating saw is a much sought-after feature, so much so, that in addition to the extra-flexible blades that make the feature possible, DeWalt designed a saw around the feature. But do you really need a special saw or hard to use flimsy blades? A company called Marlow Dynamics thinks they have a better way.

Marlow Dynamics is working on a design that could be used as an attachment on existing reciprocating saws or implemented as an add-on to new saws, which offsets the blade enough for it to be used to flush-cut. Marlow Dynamics admits that they are not the only option on the market [citing the Paws-Off Flush Cut Adapter], but they think their design is better. Looking at the built-in guide system that supports the blade on the MD design, it does look like it could handle some serious torque, if built correctly.

So what do you think, does Marlow Dynamics have an award winning concept on their hands? Is it something you would buy as an accessory or something you would want to see as an add-on for new reciprocating saws?

A universal design that could clamp onto any reciprocating saw would be a great option, but I wonder how well it would be able to attach and align in all the right places to end up with something that works well.


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