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Nova Infinity Quick Change Wood Lathe Chuck System

Nova Infinity Quick Change Wood Lathe Chuck System Hot
Chris   October 02, 2014  
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Nova Infinity Chuck

In 2013 Nova first introduced their woodturning lathe Quick Change Chuck System, but in 2014 they made it better. NOVA is so confident you’ll love the new and improved NOVA Infinity Quick Change Chuck System, they have backed with a 60-day money back guarantee.

If time is money then the NOVA Infinity Quick Change Chuck System just might end up paying for itself and start making you money. Why? While it takes minutes to change the jaws on a normal chuck, it takes only seconds to change the jaws on an Infinity Quick Change Chuck System. In fact, sometimes professionals would rather swap out the entire chuck instead of changing out the jaws, because switching jaws is that slow. But not everyone has the money to have two or more chucks at the ready.

You might be worried about how well their quick change chuck system can hold wood that is spinning at high RPMs a few feet from you face, but they say there system is just as safe and reliable as one of their Standard Nova Chucks. They designed the system in such a way that rotation and wear only make the jaws hold more securely.

Suggested retail price for the NOVA Infinity Quick Change Chuck System is $329.99. Existing NOVA users can purchase an upgrade kit for $134.99. Prices range from $74.99 to $84.99 for the jaws accessories. For $44.99 a retrofit kit is also available to make your existing Jaws compatible with the new Quick Change System. BUY – Amazon

Nova Infinity Chuck


Nova infinity quick change chuck

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