New Milwaukee Four Bay Charger For M12 Batteries

New Milwaukee Four Bay Charger For M12 Batteries
Chris   February 16, 2015  
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Milwaukee Four Bay Sequential Charger (48-59-1204)

Milwaukee has multi-bay chargers for their M18 batteries and they just recently came out with a new multi-bay charger that handles both M18 and M12 Milwaukee batteries. Coming this March, Milwaukee Tool will be releasing a new Four Bay Sequential Charger (48-59-1204) for their M12 lithium-ion batteries.

Milwaukee has one of the most extensive lines of 12V cordless tools—which I am sure will continue to grow—so a larger capacity M12 charger should be welcomed news to M12 users in a production setting.

Like the M18 Six Pack Charger, the new M12 Four Bay charger charges only one battery at a time before moving onto the next. This is great for ensuring that heavy users always have a battery that is ready to go, or for charging all your batteries at the end of the day. The charger features the Redlink intelligence system that ensures for optimal charging, and integrated holes for vertical hanging. Each bay has an indicator light, and a central skip button allows the user to select which bay is currently charging.

There is no word yet on pricing, but the 48-59-1204 will be available this March.

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