New DCS361 20V Max 7-¼” Sliding Miter Saw from DeWalt

New DCS361 20V Max 7-¼” Sliding Miter Saw from DeWalt
Chris   May 01, 2015  
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DeWalt DCS361 7-1/4 inch sliding miter saw

Oftentimes it can be a battle to find an empty power outlet on a busy jobsite, so it is probably a dream of many tradesman—not just myself—to be able to go completely cordless with their power tools. DeWalt is taking their users one step closer to this dream with the introduction of the new DCS361 20V Max 7-1/4 Inch Sliding Single-Bevel Miter Saw.

While a 7-1/4 Inch Miter Saw might seem small, the DCS361 actually has the capacity to handle most of the jobsite materials you would need to cut on a miter saw. It can cut 3-½” vertically, 2x8” horizontally, and can handle 3-⅝”crown in the nested position. The portability the comes from the fact that the DCS361 is cordless is one of the biggest features of the saw, so DeWalt integrated side carrying handles to make it easy to move the 31.6lb saw around.

Taking a feature from DeWalts full-sized saw, the XPS blade light is included, which uses the shadow cast by the saw blade to show exactly where it will cut. Other features include: 10 positive miter stops, a bevel range from -3° to 48° left, no-scratch rubber feet, and more.

Coming in late June, the DCS361 will be available as a bare unit (DCS361B) for about $319 or as a kit (DCS361M1) with a battery and a charger for $399. Both units come equipped with a dust bag, hold-down clamp, and a 40 tooth blade.


DeWalt DCS361 7-1/4" sliding miter saw
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