Milwaukee Inkzall Jobsite-Optimized Permanent Marker & Stylus

Milwaukee Inkzall Jobsite-Optimized Permanent Marker & Stylus
Chris   January 10, 2014  
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Milwaukee Inkzall Jobsite-Optimized Permanent Marker & Stylus

If you have ever used a traditional permanent marker on the jobsite you probably already know that the marker tips don't last very long. Milwaukee has introduced a line of Inkzall Permanent Markers that have been optimized to work where others markers have failed. Taking the usability of the Inkzall a step further, Milwaukee also included a Stylus that can be used with touch devices such as iPad, iPhones, and other smartphones.

The markers in the Milwaukee Inkzall line feature clog resistant tips that have the ability to write through dusty, wet, and even oily surfaces and a proprietary ink was formulated to deliver faster drying times to reduce smearing. The tips are also durable enough to be used on rough surfaces like OSB, Cinder-block or concrete.

You can get the marker with a fine point tip or with a medium point tip and you also have the option to get either as a marker/stylus combination. The stylus should come in handy anytime you are working with gloves on, or if your hands happen to have glue on them while your phone rings. And to ensure that the Inkzall is always within reach, a hard hat clip was built right into the traditional pocket clip.

Look for the Milwaukee Inkzall Markers to hit store shelves in February 2014.