MB HydroCalc - Masterblend Hydroponic Calculator App

MB HydroCalc - Masterblend Hydroponic Calculator App
Chris   June 28, 2019  
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MB HydroCalc Andriod App

A few years ago I made a free online hydroponic fertilizer calculator specifically for mixing Masterblend 4-18-38 fertilizer, with Calcium Nitrate, and Magnesium Sulfate in the correct ratios for any size water container to grow vegetables. Today, I am happy to announce that the hydroponic calculator is now a free Android App.

I originally created the Masterblend 4-18-38 calculator for my own personal use and decided to share it with the community because I knew others would like the convenience of it just as much as myself.

Get The Hydroponic Calculator App

Calculate the water volume of your custom grow beds and calculate the nutrients for your vegetables directly from your phone.

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Even though the online calculator works great, it is not ideal to use on a mobile phone. Having to find the page and scroll through the instructions to get to the calculator was a bit of a pain. Plus you needed an internet connection out in your garden. With the new MB HydroCalc Hydroponic Calculator App, users can do all of the same calculations directly from their phone without the need of any wireless data.

Hydroponic Grow Bed Water Calculator

You can use the app to calculate water volume–in gallons–by measuring the Length, Width, and Depth of your grow bed. You then use the gallons to determine the total weight of each ingredient you need to measure out. It is important to measure the ingredients by weight to get accurate and consistent results.

Masterblend 4-18-38 Nutrient Calculator

Mixing instructions for both Tomatoes and Lettuce are included in the Hydroponic App, but other vegetables can also be grown with the same two formulas. I use the Tomato formula for other fruiting plants like cucumbers, while the Lettuce formula works great on other leafy greens.

Kratky Method / Hydroponic How-to Videos

A How-to video page within the App showcases how others in the community are using the Masterblend tomato formula to grow all kinds of vegetables using a variety of different methods, including the Kratky Method.

There was an initial upfront cost to make the app, which I hope to recover over time with a small banner at the bottom of the app. Users can also support the development of the app by making your purchase of hydroponic supplies from within the app.



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