Updated Compressors And New 200 PSI Models From Senco

Updated Compressors And New 200 PSI Models From Senco
Chris   October 29, 2013  
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Updated Compressors And New 200 PSI Models From Senco

If you are looking for a lightweight compressor that is portable and can tackle trim work, Senco has new 1-gallon and 6-gallon compressors that might be just what you need. If you want to go bigger, they have also announced three new 200 PSI compressors.

The Senco PC1010 is a popular compressor that can often be seen on the job site, in fact I know three people that own the compressor, plus the one I own. The new Senco PC1010N is built around the core of the original, but has picked up some nice improvements. At 135 PSI it has gained 10 PSI over the previous model, yet remains ultra-light weight at only 21-pounds. In addition to more power, the PC1010N features an integrated control panel that is built into the roll cage—a nice change that should better protect the gauges and controls. PC1010N MSRP: $139 - 159

For those needing a compressor with greater capacity, Senco has come out with the 6-gallon PC1280. The pancake-style compressor weighs in at only 38-pounds thanks to its oil-free design, and draws only 12 amps. Again the gauges are protected, this time with a plastic shroud. Under the shroud are dual couplers that can power two nailers at once with a max draw of 2.8 SCFM at 90 PSI. PC1280 MSRP: $159-179

For the bigger guns, Senco has come out with three new 200 PSI compressors: the PC0968N 4.5-gallon twin stack, the PC0969 4.5-gallon roll away, and the PC0970 15 gallon vertical compressor. All models feature a built-in control panel with protected gauges and dual couplers.

All models share many of the same mechanical components and deliver 4.9 SCFM at 90 PSI. The 4.5-gallon tanks can reach 200 PSI in only 95 seconds with a recovery time of only 30-seconds. The larger PC0970 15-gallon compressor takes 320 seconds to fill, with a recovery time of 85 seconds. At 99-pounds, the PC0970 is light enough to be portable, and two built in wheels makes moving around the shop a whole lot easier. PC0968N MSRP: $249-269 PC0969 MSRP: $289-309. PC0970 $329 - $349

Update: Menards has them.

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