Senco Adds 3-Inch Auto-Feed Screwdrivers To DuraSpin Line-up

Senco Adds 3-Inch Auto-Feed Screwdrivers To DuraSpin Line-up Hot
Chris   October 11, 2013  
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Senco Adds 3-Inch Auto-Feed Screwdrivers To DuraSpin Line-up

If you having been paying attention to our giveaways, you might have noticed that Senco has come out with an all-new 3-inch DuraSpin Auto-Feed Screwdrivers. In addition, Senco also came out with an extension pole attachment and other accessories to make using their new guns as easy as possible. If cordless is more to your liking, they also have an 18-volt model ready and waiting.

CINCINNATI – Earlier this year, Senco updated its iconic DuraSpin screw fastening system with the introduction of the next generation of 2" auto-feed screwdrivers. Now, they have added two new integrated tools and three attachments that are capable of driving 3" screws.

"These new integrated tools and attachments are the go-to screw fastening solution for any job on the worksite. With minimal investment, pros will achieve maximum productivity," says product manager Mike Desmond. "Whether installing sheet rock or driving into steel, the high torque motors can make any job easier and faster, and the adapters and nose-pieces can be customized to get the most efficiency."

New Integrated 3" Tools

Two new auto-feed screwdrivers, the DS332-AC and the DS312-18V, both feature 2,500 RPM high-torque motors, and a patented-pending corner-fit feed system that dramatically improves screw placement and are designed for high-volume applications such as drywall, sheathing, sub-flooring or decking.

The DS332-AC is ideal for general contractors who tackle a multitude of applications and since it is corded, it can deliver all-day production.

The new, compact 18-volt Li-ion battery powered unit, DS312-18V, is a lightweight alternative for medium-duty work that reduces onsite cords and lets users work in spaces where access to electricity is an issue. The DS312-18V can drive 200 to 700 screws per charge, depending on the screw length and substrate.

Enhancements to the line include a variable speed trigger with lock and reverse options, a locking depth of drive adjustment which regulates the precise depth needed for flush drives or countersinking screws, a tool-free screw length adjustment (1" to 3") and a belt hook.

The tools are ergonomically designed for use with one hand. A cushioned second hand grip helps minimize wrist and arm fatigue by reducing the exertion needed to complete each drive.

New Attachment Kits

The DS440AC and DS425AC are extremely versatile and include the industrial grade DS320 attachment, extension pole with secondary handle for overheard or underfoot application, spare drive bits, and a storage bag.

From drywall, subfloors, decking, cement board, underlayment, metal framing to rigid foam insulation, these all-in-one tools can make short work of even the toughest tasks.

The DS440AC has a 4,000 RPM motor that delivers 82 inch pounds for high-speed work while the DS425AC has a 2,000 RPM motor outputting 100 inch pounds that is better suited when driving into tougher materials.

Both models come with a locking depth of drive adjustment regulates the precise depth needed for flush drives or countersinking screws, a tool-free screw length adjustment (1" to 3") and quick release for easy bit access.

The DS320 is a standalone attachment that can work with an existing screwgun and comes with corner-fit feed system, an extension pole with secondary handle and spare drive bits.

"Designed with end-users in mind, the DuraSpin line eliminates the need to load and position fasteners individually, minimizing screw waste and cutting down on installation time by up to 30 percent," says Senco product manager Mike Desmond. "Senco is dedicated to increasing efficiencies that will help save our customers time and money."

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