Sears Predicted To Be Closing Down In 2012

Sears Predicted To Be Closing Down In 2012

Chris   December 12, 2011  
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Could this be the end of Sears as we know it? Every year 24/4 Wall St. puts together a list of 10 brands that they predict will not survive the next year. Unfortunately, number 5 on their list to go bye bye in 2012, is Sears. But don't start crying just yet, there might be some hope for Craftsman.

When 24/7 Wall St. makes their predictions each year, they are not just making wild guesses; they look at the financials of the company, stock prices, etc, to come to their conclusions. According to them, things really never took off after Sears and Kmart decided to join forces. While both brands are not doing very well, it is Sears who is doing the worst. It also doesn't help that both Sears and Kmart compete with each other in a lot of ways. If you want more of the financial details, check the source link.

Is the potential closure of Sears really a surprise to anyone? It is certainly not a surprise to me, and I even believe Kmart-Sears Holdings has been positioning themselves for this for a while now. Our first clue was when they started selling Craftsman tools at Kmart, and then more recently at Ace Hardware stores. This is where I think there is at least a little bit of good news for us; I think that the Craftsman name will still live on in places like Kmart and Ace. And while Sears might not survive as a brick & mortar store, my hope is that they will still be a presence online and in catalog.

My dream is that they turn Sears into some super awesome tool-only Man store, but what are the chances?

Source: 24/7 Wall St.

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