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Power Tool Company Now Sponsoring Woman's Tennis

Power Tool Company Now Sponsoring Woman's Tennis Hot
Chris   December 09, 2011  
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Power Tool Company Now Sponsoring Woman's Tennis

Power tools and tennis do not seem like they would go well with each other, but as we found out way back in January, a cordless drill saved tennis when it was used to pop an air bubble that formed on the surface of the court at the Australian Open. The latest tool/tennis match-up has tennis being used to sell power tools.

Russian woman's tennis player Vera Zvonareva has recently completed a photoshoot where she can be seen sporting typical tennis attire as well as a host of atypical power tools. The tools seen in the photos are from a Russian company called ProRab, who is now also sponsor of Russia's woman's tennis team. So it appears that tools and tennis do go together, especially when you can get the advertising spotlight that comes along with a #7 ranked WTA player.

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