New Porter-Cable Reciprocating Saws... But No Clamp Feature

New Porter-Cable Reciprocating Saws... But No Clamp Feature

Chris   February 21, 2011  
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I recently did a review of the the Porter-Cable 12-volt Reciprocating ClampSaw and thought that the clamping feature came in really handy. I suggested they bring it to their full sized saws, but sadly, PC just announced some new full sized reciprocating saws, but none of them have the clamping feature that a liked. Maybe next time

Porter-Cable has unveiled two reciprocating saws, one with an orbital action, and one without. The PC85TRSOK Orbital TigerSaw features a crank arm mechanism that allows for a more compact design and also features a tool-free shoe adjustment. The 8.5 amp motor delivers 3,200 SPM at a stroke length of 1-1/8” and a selector dial controls the orbital settings. Orbital cutting cuts faster, but leaves an ugly cut, so this feature is great for demo work. The non-orbital PC75TRS has a little less power at 7.5 amps but still delivers 3,200 SPM with a stroke length of 1-1/8”. This saw costs a little less then the PC85TRSOK at $59.97 vs $79.97, but you also have to deal with a tooled (probably a hex wrench) shoe adjustment.

Both models will be available this month at Lowe's, independent distributors, and For more information see the Press Release after the Read More.

{slide=PressRelease} TOWSON, Md. (Feb. 17, 2011) – PORTER-CABLE announces the launch of two new reciprocating saws – a 7.5 AMP non-orbital model (PC75TRS) and an 8.5 AMP orbital unit (PC85TRSOK TigerSaw™). The two saws offer users the speed of cut they require for many applications, including wood cutting, metal cutting, masonry cutting, demolition, fire and rescue, plunge cuts, and more.

"The features and durability enhancements of these two reciprocating saws allow professional contractors to choose which saw is right for them," said Wil Granger, group product manager, PORTER-CABLE. "We're excited to have orbital and non-orbital reciprocating saw in the market, giving contractors the features and benefits they need to complete their jobs at a reasonable price."

Non-Orbital Model – PC75TRS

The PC75TRS is equipped with a 7.5 AMP motor and 1 1/8" stroke that delivers 3,200 SPM for tough applications on the jobsite. A tooled shoe adjustment provides easy depth modification and a twist lock blade clamp allows for a fast and effortless blade change.

The PC75TRS also offers contractors ergonomic benefits, including an overmolded handle for comfort and an overmolded clamshell boot for a soft grip and easy control. Weighing 7.2-lbs., the saw features a handy two-finger variable speed trigger and 6-foot durable PVC cord.

Orbital Model – PC85TRSOK TigerSaw

The PC85TRSOK TigerSaw features an efficient crank arm mechanism to obtain a compact footprint and robust design. With an 8.5 AMP motor and 1 1/8" stroke that delivers 3,200 SPM and an orbital dial selector, the PC85TRSOK TigerSaw is intended for aggressive cutting applications. The orbital setting helps users cut in demolition applications where final cut quality is not a concern.

The orbital unit features a tool-free shoe adjustment and twist lock blade clamp for fast and easy blade changes. For comfort and durability, the PC85TRSOK TigerSaw includes an overmolded handle and an overmolded clamshell boot for a soft grip and easy control. Additionally, the 7.3-lbs. reciprocating saw features an efficient two-finger variable speed trigger and 6-foot rubber cord that provides durability and flexibility in cold weather conditions.

The PC75TRS and PC85TRSOK TigerSaw units will be available in February 2011 at Lowe's, independent distributors and The PC75TRS is expected to retail for approximately $59.97, and the PC85TRSOK TigerSaw will come with a kit box and is expected to retail for approximately $79.97. The reciprocating saws will come with a three-year limited warranty, one-year service contract and 90-day money-back guarantee.{/slide}


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