Festool Seeking Product Testers For New Domino XL

Festool Seeking Product Testers For New Domino XL
Chris   December 23, 2011  
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Festool Domino XL Mortise and Tenon Joiner

It is rare that a company turns to the public in search of product testers and even rarer that we actually know what the product is beforehand, but such is the case this time. Festool is seeking 25 people to test out their new Domino XL and provide their feedback. As I think you can gather from the name, the Domino XL is much like the original Domino, only larger.

We're looking for 25 of the best industry professionals (carpenters, remodelers, furniture and cabinet makers, etc.) in the United States and Canada to put the Domino XL through its paces and provide us with feedback and share how it fits into your shop to help tackle your most demanding projects. For those who are selected, we will send you the Domino XL and an ample supply of tenons months before its North American introduction.

Unfortunately entries must be entered no later than December 31st 2011, but I am told Festool will be monitoring the emails even through Christmas. If you are interested in signing up, follow the link below, and make sure you show them your best work. The chances that one of us is selected is pretty slim, but at least with this information we get to see a new Festool product that will offered in 2012.

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PS: While you are at it, head over to Festool Sweepstakes and enter to win a Festool Kapex miter saw. This also ends on Dec 31.

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