CST/berger LL20 Self-Leveling 360 Line Laser For Exterior Use

CST/berger LL20 Self-Leveling 360 Line Laser For Exterior Use
Chris   June 29, 2012  
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CST/berger LL20 360-degree Exterior Line Laser
cstberger ll20 360 line laser

The 360 Laser Line technology that Bosch has developed has always been impressive to me. It offers much of the benefits of a traditional rotary laser but because it has less moving parts, it can be manufactured at a fraction of the cost. Not to mention that it is super handy to see the line all around the room. Bosch is now moving this same 360 technology to their CST/berger brand and have introduced the LL20 Exterior Self Leveling Line Laser.

The CST/berger LL20 is not just a laser, but it is a complete package that includes the LD3 laser detector. With the detector the LL20 has a 530-foot range (diameter) with an accuracy of 1/4-inch at 100-feet. Encased in a water and dust protected housing, the LL20 offers self-leveling convenience with simple one button operation. A dual sided display on the LD3 detector makes it easily viewable from both sides, and a clamp allows it to be attached to any rod or pole. The LL20 kit includes a Exterior Laser, LD3 Laser Detector and bracket, six AA batteries, a hard carrying case and manual, and it retails for around $499.

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