Bosch Sent Me A Guitar – You Can Win One Too

Bosch Sent Me A Guitar – You Can Win One Too

Chris   February 03, 2009  
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bch_guitarUpdate 3/5/09: Moving this back to the top because the giveaway is now open.

I was surprised to find a box in the mail yesterday from Bosch containing a custom guitar. So why would Bosch send me a guitar? It is part of a promotion for their new line of Edge reciprocating saw blades. Everyone knows guitars and reciprocating saws blades go hand in hand... OK not really, but this this guitar looks so cool who really cares.

I failed to mention my guitar is only 10" tall (Photo), but you can enter to win the real thing by visiting Bosch also sent me a sample of the new Edge saw blade, so you can expect a full review of it later on.. One thing I find odd is that Bosch doesn't have a reciprocating saw as one of the prizes, instead you can win the Custom Guitar, a $500 StubHub! Ticket Gift Certificate, or Nintendo DS.

If I were to win, I would sell the G.C. and DS to get more tools, the Guitar I would keep.

Bosch Edge BladesBosch Sent Me A Guitar – You Can Win One Too $14 - $20 - Amazon
Review Coming Soon