Bosch Advertisement Teases Their New… Impact?

Bosch Advertisement Teases Their New… Impact?
Chris   November 05, 2013  
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Bosch Power Tools - The next big thing is coming... 11/11/13

Bosch sent out an email yesterday with a subject line reading "Next big thing is coming!" If you open up the email there is a video (below) that shows the reactions of various contractors after they got their hands on it. In the video we can hear what sounds like an impact driver, but it is what one guy says that suggests it could be something more; "I'd say it's the next best thing... since the impact". He goes on to say "this makes it right here, the impact part of it..."

So what is it, part impact, part what? Or is it just a better impact? Care to take your guess? Bosch will lets us know on 11/11/13 in their big reveal.

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