Bosch & Perceptron Join Forces To Take On Optical Scopes

Bosch & Perceptron Join Forces To Take On Optical Scopes

Chris   October 14, 2010  
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It looks like Bosch is going to be bringing some competition to the world of portable optical scopes. Bosch and Perceptron announced a partnership that will make all of this possible. According to the press release, Perecptron is a global leader in inspection solutions and will be brings a lot of know how to the table. Bosch is obviously a leader in the contractor tool industry and has a solid cordless line that they will be able to expand upon. The press release specifically points to the Bosch 12V line, so we can probably expect a 12V Bosch scope in the future. Press Release after Read More.

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Perceptron® Announces Partnership with Bosch Power Tools

Mount Prospect, Ill., October X, 2010 – Perceptron, Inc. (NASDAQ: PRCP), the global leader in non-contact measurement and inspection solutions, today announced Bosch Power Tools as its strategic partner for the Construction and Do-It-Yourself (DIY) markets. Perceptron previously announced it had signed a new strategic customer in a press release dated April 6, 2010 but for strategic reasons was unable to indentify Bosch at that time.

Combining Perceptron's expertise in optical devices with Bosch's knowledge of the power tool market and expertise in battery powered technology has led to the development of a complete optical scope solution. Perceptron transformed the optical scope market when it launched its first optical inspection device providing leading edge optical design in an innovative hand-held solution. Both Perceptron and Bosch were founded on the belief that innovation and quality are the lifeblood of any company, a philosophy clearly evident in this strategic partnership.

Richard Price, Vice President of Perceptron's Commercial Products Business Unit, states "We are excited to jointly announce our strategic partnership with Bosch. Bosch's global strength in the power tool market, coupled with Perceptron's visualization technology makes us a formidable team."

"We are committed to providing the best possible solution to end users in everything we do," says Randall Coe, Vice President of Marketing for Bosch. "We were interested to work with Perceptron because it was an opportunity to partner with another market leader to bring forward products that excel in clarity, quality and versatility."

Bosch was the first to launch the 12V Max line of tools that has revolutionized the cordless tool market and has already launched its second generation of core products. Bosch has also led in the quality of its 18V lithium ion technology, by introducing such key features as Flexible Power System (FPS), Electronic Cell Protection (ECP), and special heat conductive housings (HCH) that ensure maximum performance and reliability for the user.

The products, details of which will be announced as they are launched into their various sales channels later in the calendar year, are protected by a number of patents. The initial product offerings will be augmented by other exciting new products and accessories incorporating new features, driven by cooperative research and capabilities that promise to keep the product line fresh and innovative for years to come.

Price added, "This strategic alliance, synthesizing leading edge technologies from both organizations, will allow us to provide the Construction and DIY markets with innovative quality solutions that ultimately make work easier for the professional and DIY enthusiast alike."{/slide}